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Internship and Residency Ministry Crossroads Church Aspen  

Overall Vision and Purpose 


In 2021 Crossroads Church was blessed to be able to acquire 1213 Alta Vista, the adjoining duplex to 1215, which has served as the parsonage for over 40 years. The vision for this purchase is that this side of the duplex can be used in the near future as a ministry house to house young couples and singles who qualify for our residency and internship programs. Housing is only going to become a tougher issue in Aspen as the years go on and it is strategic for the longevity and health of the church to have access to housing for staff and ministry for the long haul. 1213 Alta Vista will be referred to as the Ministry House (MH) for the near future. 1215 Alta Vista is the existing parsonage.


The vision and purpose for a Ministry House (MH) is to be able to seasonally infuse our church community with young couples and singles who have a ministry heart and desire to serve our church community in one of ten different ministry areas. During their stay they will find work in the Aspen community so they will be involved in the day to day life of our city. They will serve part time alongside our staff in different ministry areas. They will get exposure to the inner workings of a church, go through key equipping and spiritual formation and experience being on mission in our exciting, very unique and challenging mountain town.


We will look for a qualified young couple without kids to serve for at least a year in the residency program as the host couple for the ministry house as well as serve in a specific ministry area. We will look for 1-2 qualified young singles to serve as interns during the school/ski year Sept-May. We will also look for 1-2 college students to serve during the summer months of June-August.


Why is this strategic for the health and vibrancy of our church community? Aspen is aging and changing. It is harder and harder to find housing in this community. This residency and internship ministry will infuse young zeal into the life and ministry of the church. And it will help Crossroads to fulfill its vision and mission: Building healthy Christ-centered people, families and churches so that we may be a catalyst for the renewal, strength and unity of the church in America and beyond.


We are a crossroads (Jeremiah 6:16) where people connect from all over the world and no matter how long people are with us we hope they experience God in a personal, refreshing and transformative way. We pray that they will take a new zeal for the Lord with them when they leave here.


The church body and our larger network will be notified when the application process is open to make a submittal.


Thank you for taking the time to carefully complete this application.  For any questions, please contact Maidy Reside at or 970-366-1460.



IMPORTANT:  Before filling out this application click the Membership button below and take time to read through our Membership Guidebook.  Take time to process this and after you hit the "finish" button you will be asked if you agree and there will be a space to write out questions or disagreements.

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