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Discipleship & Spiritual Formation

 A healthy church has a clear plan for discipleship and spiritual formation that is able to teach the body all that Jesus taught His disciples. When we follow Jesus in discipleship we grow in our understanding of what the Gospel is and what it means to follow Jesus as His apprentice. In this section we provide vision and resources for engaging in discipleship and spiritual formation.


First process is to go through “The Heart of Discipleship” book together which lays out the overall vision of following Jesus through Grace, Growth and Greater Things as a follower. These books can be picked up at the church or purchased online at Amazon. 


Second process is to go through our interactive Membership Guidebook together. During this process you will find out more about Crossroads and what it means to be an active part of our church family. The Membership Guidebook can be found by clicking this link. (include direct link) 

Third process is to pray about leading your own discipleship group or to continue the process in your existing group in further spiritual formation material included in the resource section of this website. 


If you are interested in joining a discipleship group or have any questions please call the church and talk with any of the staff about how best to begin the process. 

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