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Worship & Prayer

A healthy church is one that engages in personal and corporate worship and prayer. When we are saved into a relationship with the Lord our heart begins communicating with the Lord through prayer and our heart starts to grow in worship of the Lord. In this section we provide vision and resources for our church community to grow in Worship and Prayer. 

Podcast on Worship

The Redman and Riddle podcast is a series of conversations between long-time friends UK worship leader Matt Redman and US worship leader Jeremy Riddle. Starting as coffee-shop chats, Redman and Riddle decided to carry on these discussions in a recorded environment. Each episode takes on a 'this' versus 'that' format – such as 'Encounter vs Entertainment' and 'Holiness vs Helpfulness'. Expect some weighty and challenging conversations as they wrestle with what it means to worship the God who is, “Holy, Holy, Holy”, in a world of, “me, me, me”.

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